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 About the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Program 

Below is an overview of the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Program.
1. The Administrator
An Administrator is a person who distributes the Assessments through email assessment invitations. This could be a consultant who uses the assessments, a trainer who uses the assessments in seminars, or coaches and managers who might use the assessments on an assignment with a team, Board of Directors, etc. 
They also monitor the activity of the members to ensure that the assessment is completed within the timeframe. The Administrator has access to view the comment areas from raters. This allows the Administrator to edit any inappropriate comments prior to being viewed by the member. Individual question results are not available to the Administrator.
2. The Participant
This is an individual whom the Administrator has authorized to take an Assessment through their Assessment invitation.
3. Raters
A Rater is someone who the member invites to complete an online rater assessment on the member. The raters may be peers, subordinates or supervisors (bosses). 
This is a key feature that enables members to acquire a unique 360-degree view of themselves as a leader by inviting an unlimited number of raters, within a 30-day period, to complete an assessment on them. Members simply type in the rater’s name and email address and that’s it. The rest is totally automated. The raters are sent an email from the member inviting them to complete the assessment on the member’s behalf. The member may personally modify the invitation to fit their needs.
1. The HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Self-Assessment


The HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment is a 84-question assessment of seven sales effectiveness competencies that effective sales people exhibit. It takes about about 20 minutes to complete. 


2.   The HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Rater Assessments
Once the member completes the Self-Assessment, a Home Page is automatically generated for them.


From the Home Page, they may invite raters (peers, subordinates, and supervisors (bosses) to respond to a Rater Assessment as to how the rater sees the member as effectively applying sales competencies. The member has 30 days to invite an unlimited number of raters to take the rater-assessment on their behalf. 


Rater assessments are confidential. The results appear as scores in a select category. This protects the confidentiality of the rater. The member does not have access to the results unless the Administrator has permitted access.
3. Survey Results and the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Report
Once all the raters have responded, the member or the Administrator generates the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Report and survey results.
The results of the survey are shown as scores on graphs in the following categories: Self, Peers, Subordinates and Supervisors (Bosses). 


Other areas included in the results are the top five strength and improvement areas, blind spots, sales effectiveness competencies your raters feel are important to your role and a summary of the results in each of the seven sales effectiveness competencies for yourself and each rater category.


1. Administrator Home Page
This Home Page is a key tool providing flexibility for training options and important data to track member progress. It is a personalized, private Home Page. It allows the Administrator to:
·        Distribute assessments to members by simply entering each individual’s first name, last name, and email address. Click Send, and an automatic email goes out. This is how a member becomes authorized to take the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Assessment. 
·        Track the account status to see how many HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Assessments credits have been used, how many are left, and order more as needed.
·        View and Print Reports of your members who are authorized to take the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment. This feature also allows you to see which members have completed the assessment and send automated reminders to those who have not. 
·        Permit or block members from seeing their personalized HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile results. Why block it? If you want to present the members with their reports and results at the time of the training session, consultation, etc., you have the ability to do so.
·        Print the collective results of a select group of members on the seven sales effectiveness competencies. This is great when you are working with a group and want to see at a glance the different range of strengths within the group.
2. Administrator Assessment Page
Once the Administrator distributes assessments to members authorizing them to take the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment, an email is sent to the members with a link to the Administrator’s Assessment Page. This allows the member to register and take the 84-question HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment. Once an authorized member takes and submits his or her assessment, one credit is deducted from the Administrator’s account.
3. Member Home Page
This is a personalized, private Home Page for each member.

It allows the Member to:
·        Invite raters to complete the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Online Rater Assessment on behalf of the member
·        Monitor the Rater Activity - This is where the member can view, at a glance, all the raters he/she invited and can see who has completed the rater assessment and who has not. For those raters who have not yet completed the HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Rater Assessment for the member, the member only needs to click on a “send” button, and reminders are automatically sent to raters.
·        Generate and print their comprehensive, personalized HRD Sales Effectiveness Profile Report – Once all the raters have responded, the results are available in all categories.
(if the Administrator has permitted access).
·        View the survey results online after the report has been generated
(if access is permitted by the Administrator).


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